Android an unstoppable reality

Nobody wants to stay behind. Drums of war in Nokia. LG purifies not to stay behind. Information of sale of the smartphones. Nokia prepares an alliance with Microsoft to use Windows Phone. HP takes webOS his tablet Touchpad and presents two new smartphones. More than 100 million persons use Opera for mobile. Xperia Play’s presentation. This only is a summary of the news that have been generated in the last twelve hours. Of all of them, I remain with one (motivated for @raulpromete, that deals much more than I): A new update of the version 2.3 of the operating system of Android, Gingerbread, it brings good news for his developers.
The update 2.3.3. Of this version of Google’s operating system there offers an API NFC (Near Field Communication) that allows the access to the reading and writing in order that they could be used by the labels NFC. This way it Android Developers has communicated the company in his official blog. To Android’s API 2.3.3 there is assigned to him an identifier that is stored in the own system. This identifier, so called ” API of level “, allows him the system to determine correctly if an application is compatible with him before installing the application. For the present time, the update 2.3.3 already is available for the developers with the SDK and it will come to many mobiles that incorporate this operating system, as the Nexus S, soon time.
The NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology, of short scope and high frequency that allows the exchange of information less than 10 centimeters. It is in use for allowing principally the accomplishment of sure payments.



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